Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga


I currently spend most of the year in India, where you can also come to me for a longer and solid individual practice.

When I am in Poland or Germany, I invite you to individual classes, or small group classes up to 6 people.

Classes for people at every level (including beginners, people with injuries or people after accident, pregnant women or after pregnancy) who want to develop their yoga practice in an individual mode, so that the student:

  • receives more attention from the teacher
  • receives more tips pertaining to him directly
  • has space to learn about himself, his body, his own strengths and limitations
  • has the ability to polish the individual nature of the practice
  • has the ability to do more efficient work because the classes are more focused
  • the knowledge of yoga taught in this way is better integrated and allows  to continue independent practice

Individual classes are also intended for people with health problems, injuries (accidents, sports injuries, long-term ailments) and for people who are prevented from starting their apprenticeship in a larger group. Taking into account the restrictions resulting from the disease, I adapt Ashtanga’s practice to a given student so as to strengthen the body – which gives us the basis for further work and builds the foundation of health.

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