Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga


Mysore, LED (up to 8 people) and individual classes.

Sometimes classes adopt a slightly workshop-like format, while other times they are conducted in diverse ways, depending on the persons’ needs. The advantage of these classes is that they highlight different aspects of the practice. The body is seen from a different perspective than usual, allowing you to catch things that are not easily noticed in regular classes.
An additional benefit is the ability to record the sessions, which the student can later replay for independent work. Seeing one’s practice as it truly is (rather than how we think it is), as well as observing the speed and correctness of responses to the teacher’s commands and comments, often leads to significant progress. This facilitates a quicker alignment of the external image with the internal perception by clearing away illusions.
Online classes also teach a different kind of mindfulness: listening with understanding and developing a dynamic integration of information with a conscious bodily response.

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